Free Gooffee House Remix!


Another free jam I made for my boys in Gooffee, They came out with a sweet L.P back in December that was absolutely free, wicked to see artists doing this more and more often, its a great way to get exposure and get your music to people that wouldnt otherwise get to hear it, go check their Corn on the Cob L.P out and grab my remix below!



New Bassline Bootleg Remix


Yo! I put together a little Bassline bootleg remix of an awesome RnB tune called Secret by Kade, have to give props to my homie and badmon DJ Andrew Roti for putting me on this tune, big up!

So heres the deal, I will make this a free download once the youtube video below hits 1,000 views, took me a month or so with my other remixes so if you want this track share the video! spread the Terror!



New Original Track

I have a 7 track E.P dropping sometime in June and I will be uploading a track every two weeks until its release, here is the first one, a house tune I made with Toronto producer Pete Woods!



This tune was based off a demo sent to me by Pete Woods, the original was actually a dubstep tune that never really amounted to anything special, I brought the track down to 130 and elaborated his melodies with some M1 pianos, Wobble bass and vocal samples. Hope you guys dig it!