New music Roundup!

Just dropped 3 free tracks in the past weeks, the result of a  reclusive winter, not really into the party scene lately, but that means ive made tons of new music, check it out below!

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Tons of new music!

Have been on a tear lately, have tried to finish tracks that I got started earlier this year but never got around to actually completing and I have put up a bunch of tracks on Soundcloud in the last few months, here is a rundown!

Terror Tone – Under Attack 

Forthcoming on White Widow Records, as part of the “Fully Loaded E.P”  I had this track sitting in my “TBC” (to be continued) folder and I started sending it out to labels, and a few were actually interested in it, I was genuinely shocked as I thought this was mostly a filler track, but the reaction has been really good, glad people are feeling it, expect it to be coming out with 2 other original tracks with some really good remixes from some people in the White Widow Camp.

Negativ – That’s The Way (Terror Tone Remix)

Have been following the folks at Sequel One Records for a while now, they started off with releasing Footwork, Juke-y type stuff, but this last release from duo Negativ was a whole different beast and right up my alley, as soon as I heard this track, I hollered at Jakub from Sequel One and asked to remix it, loved the vocals and 90’s house vibe from the first note, this will be a free download very soon!

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