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Hey everyone, just wanted to thank everyone for all the amazing support with my latest single out on Ultra Bass Records, featuring an awesome remix and dub from one of my favourite producers breaking out from the UK Funky movement, Murder He Wrote who I had the pleasure of meeting and seeing play when he came down to Toronto with Roska.

I wanted to make this post to kind of document the success this single has had, its almost changed my approach to making music, in that, I am less focused on bootlegs and remixes and more focused on creating original music that could potentially be used for vocalists. I have been making music for 10 years now and I have recently shifted the focus towards building a mountain of quality dubs to move forward with, as opposed to the strategy of drip feeding 5-6 bootlegs throughout the year.

So please, if you haven’t yet, check out the track below and some of the nice things people around the world are saying about it!


Listen on Spotify



Juno Download Review

Ultra Bass make a very wavy start to 2019 here as they get ready to unleash this potent three track selection from Terror Tone and Plain English. They kick this one off with the original mix of ‘Mad Ting’, which is a UK funky roller to the highest degree., being packed with exciting rhythmic flavours and well layered vocal breakouts from Plain English. On remix Duty, Murder He Wrote leaps into action with two separate redesigns of the track, the first of which is a vibrant overhaul, stuffed with unique rhythmic flair. As well as this, MHR supplies us with a punchy dub mix, perfect for double dropping in the dance.


Original Mix

Juno Recommends Uk Garage March 2019

Beatport, “Future Classics: Garage/Bassline/Grime” Chart

MHW Remix

Beatport, “Secret Weapons : Leftfield Bass” Chart

Beatport, “Future Classics: Leftfield Bass” Chart

DJ Mag Review (February 2019 Edition)Terror tone Mad Ting djmag scan

Web Link

So again, thanks to anyone who was involved in pushing this track out, it was really motivational and I cant wait for the new music I am working on to hit your ears!

Talk Soon

– Luke


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