So I just had to delete a bunch of Bootlegs on my main Soundcloud because of a few notices of Copyright Infringement on my website, Soundcloud is changing quickly, I got two of these notices for remixes of Ciara and Tinashe, so those and ALL of my bootlegs are gone from my main Soundcloud, I just cant risk losing access to 6,000 followers I have been grinding 4 years to get so I am going to play it super safe from now on….

So in place of that I have set up an account on new site Audiomack and a dummy bootleg account on Soundcloud, I will post whatever on those site and just use my main SC to promote those links, the game is changing quickly! sorry for any inconvenience, new E.P coming in a few weeks and much much more down the road, thanks for listening and supporting, much love!



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