Just dropped 3 free tracks in the past weeks, the result of a  reclusive winter, not really into the party scene lately, but that means ive made tons of new music, check it out below!

Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby (Terror Tone Remix)

This one sat in my to do list for about a year, had a rough draft sketched out with an acapella I got online. I recently heard a great remix of this classic by Motez Vicious and was inspired to wrap this one up.

Adventure Club – Wonder (Terror Tone Remix) 

This was a remix contest that was going on, I regularly check to see what contests are happening because they are usually an awesome source for acapella’s, and I loved the vocals on this so I put this one together in a day,  its amazing what you can do when you are inspired! While other stuff can take months, this one was a pleasure.

Terror Tone – No Doubt

Notorious B.I.G is my favourite rapper of all time, I can recite a lot of his tracks with impressive accuracy much to everyone disdain, and I have been trying to put his vocals into a track since day one of my four year Music Production career and I finally did something I was proud of, and here it is! Graciously hosted by Do Androids Dance, big shouts to Walmer Convenience on getting this one out, gotten a lot of support from Walmer so be sure to check out their blog!

Hope you enjoyed the free tracks, I have two E.P.’s coming out in the next 2 months, one on Polish based White Widow Records and the other on my label Stacked Records, stay locked in to my various social media accounts for updates!


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