Have been on a tear lately, have tried to finish tracks that I got started earlier this year but never got around to actually completing and I have put up a bunch of tracks on Soundcloud in the last few months, here is a rundown!

Terror Tone – Under Attack 

Forthcoming on White Widow Records, as part of the “Fully Loaded E.P”  I had this track sitting in my “TBC” (to be continued) folder and I started sending it out to labels, and a few were actually interested in it, I was genuinely shocked as I thought this was mostly a filler track, but the reaction has been really good, glad people are feeling it, expect it to be coming out with 2 other original tracks with some really good remixes from some people in the White Widow Camp.

Negativ – That’s The Way (Terror Tone Remix)

Have been following the folks at Sequel One Records for a while now, they started off with releasing Footwork, Juke-y type stuff, but this last release from duo Negativ was a whole different beast and right up my alley, as soon as I heard this track, I hollered at Jakub from Sequel One and asked to remix it, loved the vocals and 90’s house vibe from the first note, this will be a free download very soon!

Iggy Azalea – Work (Terror Tone Remix)

I had this one 80% done since about July, and it just was sitting around, so I decided to upload it and give it away, its a pretty unique take on the trappy original, I wouldnt even call it a remix to be honest, more like an edit, because I used the chord progression of the original.  Youll see this one morph a bit towards the release as im known to make edits minutes before submission. Free download December 25th.

Terror Tone – Vixen (Vocal Mix) [Preview]

An original track I wrote earlier this year for the Galaxies E.P but it didnt quite fit, I always get a great reaction when playing this for people so expect it in 2014!

Terror Tone – Stush [Preview]

Wrote this one in early November, its something really different, a grown and sexy kind of vibe and I really like it, you’ll also see it out in 2014 in some form.

Project 88 – Dirty Acid (Terror Tone Remix)

This one I put together for Toronto label Inner City Dance, run by Marcus Visionary and Dj Lush, really happy to be involved with this label as its run by two people who just love making and playing music and that is the kind of attitude I mesh well with. I actually finished this track over a year ago but its just coming up for release on December 9th,  look for more collabs with this camp in 2014!

Just a small sampling of whats to come, thanks for the support!

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